traveling is now commonly done by anyone. Not only more efficient, this method is also considered capable of providing a satisfying traveling experience. With good preparation, there is no destination that is impossible to explore with travel.

In addition to making up your mind, don’t forget to listen to these traveling tips before leaving.

Prepare an itinerary

The first traveling tip that must be done is to prepare an itinerary as complete as possible. Going alone is more practical, but does not reduce the preparation. Write a list of destinations and what places you will visit there. Don’t be tempted to think “see you later there” because careful preparation will make your trip safer and more comfortable. Especially considering you are going alone.

Research on destinations

After putting together an itinerary, do in-depth research for each destination. Not only factors such as address, opening hours, and ticket prices. However, also look for some reviews (especially bad reviews) of the place. Seeing the downside of a destination are traveling tips to help you understand the risks and set expectations about the destination. To make your trip more fun you should need a tour guide and rental a car to go destination more easily like Sewa mobil jakarta. It’s cheaper price to rental a car than anybody else.

As much as possible make an online order

 If there are several destinations that require ticket reservations, as much as possible make sure you book them online. That way, you come there already holding a ticket and no longer need to queue. These traveling tips apply to hotel reservations, tourist attractions, to ordering supporting tools such as mobile WiFi or renting a vehicle at the destination.

Efficient packing

A traveling tip that is often forgotten is to bring enough items. Going alone does make us want to prepare ourselves as best we can. However, carrying a lot of stuff will make the trip more tiring. Take into account your clothing needs while traveling and only bring what you really need. Don’t forget to also consider the weather factor so that your trip remains safe.

Choose a safe accommodation

Traveling is synonymous with cheap lodging. But really, the safety factor is everything.

Choosing a safe lodging is a traveling tip that should not be forgotten, especially for beginners. Choose an inn with a good reputation and service. In addition, also pay attention to the location. It is better to stay at a hotel that is in the center of the crowd so that your needs are easily met.

Record the emergency number

Never leave without these traveling tips. Prepare several phone numbers that you can call when things are not good. Some of the numbers that need to be prepared are the numbers of the closest relatives, the telephone numbers of the nearest police station and hospital, and the telephone number of the Indonesian embassy if you are traveling abroad.

Bring enough cash

 Not all places in your destination accept cashless payments, so bringing cash is a must-do traveling tip. The amount does not have to be excessive. Just calculate roughly how much money you need in one day, then multiply by the duration of the trip. You can use this cash to buy food, fare, or buy travel tickets that cannot be purchased online.

Don’t be shy to ask

The last and most important traveling tip is to open your heart and mind to get to know your destination through other people. Don’t be shy about asking locals or fellow travelers. Who knows, they may have tips and tricks that could make your trip easier. If you guys have holidays with lot of people and tired to get walk in the street, you should take a sit on car and resting in it with Sewa hiace jakarta, it have a big size to get in it. So, no need to worry about lack a place to rest.

Traveling can be a journey that changes your life. With these helpful preparations and tips, you can better prepare for your first trip