By 2022, Forex trading is still the choice of many people. This foreign exchange market provides a large enough profit opportunity without taking a long time. This is possible because Forex is open 24 hours a week.

In addition, Forex also tends to be friendly to new traders. There are copy trading services that can be an option to try trading. Copy trading is highly recommended to be chosen by novice traders who do not have special experience in the trading world.

does copy trading work?” This question often appears on the Internet, Find out the answer by reading the reasons beginners use copy trading Below!

Reasons Beginners Using Copy Trading

Copy trading is a service that allows traders to automatically copy trading positions made by more skilled traders. Copy trading can also be used by beginners because they don’t have to worry about determining a position when they want to enter the market. Moreover, copy trading facilities are provided by various exchanges.

Copy trading allows copying of other traders’ positions and has recently become more popular. Many traders create “people-based” portfolios to invest in other investors rather than trading on their own. Also find out the best forex brokers for beginners, because this information is also important.

Here are the reasons why many beginner traders use copy trading facilities:

Saving time

Forex is a fairly complicated trading market with unfamiliar terms in it. Beginner traders may take a lot of time to learn it. Unfortunately, not everyone has much time for work reasons and so on.

Therefore, we can say that copy trading is the best choice for busy people who want to try trading. By copy trading. traders do not need to learn terms like leverage, pips, lots, margin, and so on. It is enough to use copy trading services and copy positions from professional traders only.

Access to Global Market

The reason why you should use copy trading is that you can get wide access to the global market. Forex trades a large selection of currencies from around the world. But the question is, do you have much access and ability to trade in more global markets?

The answer may be yes or no. But we guarantee that most will answer no. Because not everyone has good market analysis skills. Forcing trades in market options that you don’t control is a risky thing that can lead to losses.

Therefore, copy trading provides you with a solution to be able to touch a wider trading market. In this way, the chances of making a profit will be higher.


A diversified portfolio may carry very little risk, and copy trading is one of the best ways to do this. It helps traders to copy trades from multiple investors and earn good month-to-month earnings.

Trade Without Strategy Required

The first advantage of using copy trading is that you can trade without having to learn a strategy. Yes, here traders only need to copy transactions made by other (professional) traders, starting from copying the amount of leverage, the number of lots purchased, and others. The trader status that you copy must be professional and have high flying hours. So, you don’t need to worry because the position opening must have been carefully calculated.

The main reason novice traders fail to make Forex profits is because they opened the wrong position. Opening a position is an important step that should not be done carelessly. Need detailed analyzes by looking at the current market conditions. Unfortunately, this ability is certainly not owned by novice traders. Therefore, copy trading might be the right solution.

Reduce Risk

Copy trading can also reduce the risk of loss that is often experienced by novice traders. The reason is obvious, namely because you will be copying all trade positions made by professional traders. This master trader has very high experience in the Forex market so it is impossible to make mistakes when opening positions.

Fair Profit Sharing System

Copy trading still offers a fair profit-sharing system to customers. You don’t need to be afraid of the value of the profit being small because you use a copy trading service. Because the broker must have set a policy so that both parties can still make a profit. Regarding this profit-sharing system, each broker has its own rules. You can check on the site, or ask the broker directly.

What Are The Most Popular Instruments For Copy Trading?

The person you choose to copy trade moves with will determine the financial instruments, market exposure, and strategies your particular portfolio will follow. In general, various copy traders have their chosen specialty, known as their market strategy. What you seek in terms of exposure as a trader and investor is what determines how you should choose which copy trader is right for you. Important factors to consider are:

Your investment goals: Are you looking for passive income as a result of copy trading, or are you looking for long-term growth?

Short Term or Long Term: Similar to the question above but the question itself, is, are you looking to trade positions that last for days and weeks, or do you want to expand monthly, quarterly, or annually? Or longer?

Dividends: When the company’s profits from your shares are in surplus, do you want to earn additional income from dividends? In general, they are best suited for stocks and ETFs.

This is considered the most important factor to consider before making a copy trade. Below is a discussion of some of the most interesting and popular financial instruments that can be used when copy trading:

Copy Trading with Forex

Foreign exchange, also known as Forex, is a very popular sector for traders and for those looking to copy the portfolios of successful forex traders. Forex trading is generally a short-term trading plan. Another reason why it is such a popular sector for copy trading is that forex trading requires a lot of technical analysis. Many traders are inexperienced and lack the knowledge to do this successfully, which is why copy trading forex is a common choice for this kind of market exposure.

Copy Trading with Crypto

The world of digital currency, or crypto for short, has become an interesting sector over the past few years. With a lot of trepidation, as is natural with such a new technology, digital currencies have truly become a trader’s best friend due to their high volatility. Of course, volatility carries a level of risk associated with the most recent. Therefore, given the choice of trading crypto CFDs, there is a huge influx of copy trading portfolios focused solely on cryptocurrencies.