With the surge in the number of businesses trying to establish an online presence, the demand for hosting services has increased over the last decade. Apart from hosting companies, resellers have also managed to establish a profitable Reseller Hosting business. A Hosting Reseller purchases a cheap Reseller Hosting plan from a hosting provider, creates smaller packages and sells them to his client.

To establish the best Reseller Web Hosting business, resellers can choose between Windows and Linux as the OS before buying the plan based on the needs of their target clients. Today, we will be focusing on Linux Reseller Web Hosting and share six benefits of opting for it.

1: Reliability

Linux is a reliable OS as there is a vast developer community that works constantly to ensure that it runs optimally. This community constantly communicates with Linux users around the globe, seeks feedback, and tries to make the platform more user-friendly and robust.

2: Cost-efficiency

Unlike Windows, Linux is an open-source operating system. Hence, there are no charges associated with using it. Therefore, Linux Reseller Hosting plans are cheaper than Windows plans. Additionally, several applications required by a website like FTP, DNS, etc. are available free with Linux. This adds cost-efficiency to your business.

3: Customization

Compared to Windows and other operating systems, Linux is more customizable since it is open-sourced. With developers working to make it better, there is scope to incite customization if it benefits multiple users. Platforms like Windows are not so easily customizable since they are licensed products.

4: Stability

Linux is a little more stable than Windows since it is open-source and can adapt easily to different environments. Developers can release updates to ensure that it remains stable regardless of the environment.

5: Security

All operating systems are secure. However, Linux is a notch ahead since the developer community constantly reviews vulnerabilities and patches them before they are exploited. In comparison, Windows and other licensed operating systems make these changes at a much slower pace

6: Flexibility

Linux supports a wider range of programming languages and is the better operating system if you want to work with MySQL and PHP. This is particularly beneficial to Hosting Resellers as it allows them to cater to a wider client base.

The following video also lists the benefits of using Linux Reseller Hosting plans:

5 Benefits Of Linux-based Reseller Hosting          

Summing Up

Most of us are aware and comfortable with Windows as the operating system. Hence, the first preference for web hosting is also Windows. However, you need to remember that the kind of tasks you do on a personal computer and server is quite different. When it comes to server management, Linux is preferred by most site owners around the globe.

As you can see Linux Reseller Hosting offers a wide range of benefits to Hosting Resellers. If you are unsure, then you can try both operating systems and choose the one the works best for you. Remember, your choice will impact your client’s business. Assess the kind of operating system that will work best for your clients and choose wisely. Good Luck!