Is Shared Hosting Plan Ideal For New Entrants In Online Business?

Nowadays, you can find a varied number of website hosting services for your online business, including Shared Hosting, VPS, Cloud, Dedicated, WordPress, Managed Web Hosting, and more. 

However, when it comes to hosting a new website, a Shared Website Hosting solution is the most recommended and highly used service by new businesses and website owners. 

In fact, in 2019, the Shared Hosting service dominated the web hosting market with a total revenue share of 37.64% and continues to do so for its high convenience and affordability.

If you choose your website hosting plan from a reputed vendor, you’ll get much more than just a basic hosting plan. You’ll have an integrated cPanel, among other tools, to help you manage your website, while the website hosting provider handles other technical and backend tasks such as server maintenance and management. 

Reasons why Shared Hosting is ideal for new entrants

New businesses and budding entrepreneurs require a cost-effective yet highly reliable hosting service to help them grow their business efficiently. Here are the benefits offered by a Shared Hosting plan that helps them achieve it 

  1. Affordable 

Shared Hosting stores and hosts multiple business websites on a single Shared Server, handling the resource allocation, server management, and taking care of their hosting requirements. 

This Shared Server environment distributes the total hosting cost between each website, making it a pocket-friendly solution for new business owners. 

A new website has fewer hosting and resource requirements because of lower traffic at the initial stage. Hence, Shared Hosting makes much more sense as it offers sufficient resources (CPU, RAM, disk space, etc.) required for new websites. 

  1. No need for technical expertise 

Another crucial advantage of Shared Hosting for new websites is that the hosting provider handles most of the technical tasks and server administration. 

So, any time you come across technical issues or queries, you can immediately contact your hosting company to get immediate assistance. 

It eradicates the need for you, as a beginner, to possess high technical expertise or hire technical experts and professionals to help you manage your server, saving business revenue. 

  1. Built-in cPanel 

As a new website owner, managing your new website can seem like a huge task. 

This is why Shared Hosting Linux Server comes with an integrated, powerful, and free cPanel. This will help you efficiently manage web hosting activities, including setting up databases, emails, domains, add-ons, and more. 

  1. Easy scalability 

With Shared Hosting, you need not worry about scalability as the web hosting provider manages it on their server. They take utmost care and measures to offer sufficient web resources to each website hosted on their Shared Server to support uptime and efficient performance. 

Once your website outgrows its hosting needs and traffic, you can contact your hosting company and switch to a higher-end Linux Hosting or Windows Hosting plan as needed. 


Web hosting solutions that offer Dedicated Servers, such as VPS or Dedicated Hosting, are not ideal for entrants and budding entrepreneurs. That’s simply because these hosting methods are tailored for businesses with huge traffic and server space requirements. 

On the other hand, Shared Hosting acts as a perfect starter pack for new websites and offers a user-friendly, cost-efficient, manageable, and easily scalable hosting service. 

Thus, choose the best Linux Hosting in India or a suitable Windows Shared Hosting service that aids the growth of your new online business.