The internet has become increasingly important to modern business. A company’s online presence can make a massive difference in its sales. Furthermore, a company being able to put all of its data on computers can make the company much easier to manage. E-mail systems can facilitate communication between employees and customers which can massively streamline a business’ operations. However, there can be some risks to this, and unless you’re protected this could have devastating effects on your business. Business cyber security is now more important than ever. Furthermore, cyber attacks and scammers are constantly evolving. The same protection a year ago might be useless in a couple of years. However, you can prepare for next year with this article- here are the worst and most significant cyber security risks for 2023.


Malware, standing for malicious software, is often unknowingly downloaded onto your business’ devices. This is often done through fraudulent scams. They are intended to cause disruptions to computers, internet systems, and take down networks. Scammers use malware to access your business’ confidential information, and can shut down your business operations.

Malware constantly evolves, which is why a business needs to constantly update its security software and firewalls. Malware will only evolve to be even worse in 2023, so it’s best to stay vigilant against the new evolutions.


Ransomware is a type of malware, however it’s much more targeted. It holds your computer for ‘ransom’, hence the name. They threaten to release private information from the business unless they get money. This has cost businesses millions- and just in 2022, ransomware attacks on businesses were over 30% higher than they were in 2021. This rate could continue to rise well into 2023. Making sure your company is sufficiently protected against these attacks could possibly save your business a lot of time and money.


Phishing attacks often come in the form of emails, and are often from a fake source. They will include a link intended to make the recipient think it’s legitimate, however the link will steal company information or money. These emails will often have a level of urgency to them. Many phishing scammers attack businesses as unsuspecting employees just trying to do their job might click on these links, and unintentionally cost the company a lot of money. Making sure your employees are educated on the dangers of phishing attacks, especially as phishing attacks evolve quickly.

Data Poisoning


In 2022, 35% of businesses are using Artificial Intelligence, and shockingly, over 40% more are

considering incorporating it into their business. AI can be so helpful to your business. Data poisoning happens when hackers inject corrupted data into your AI system. This skews the results that an AI might produce, which might completely retarget the business and lose it a lot of money. You can protect against this by having someone monitor your AI results constantly. The trends will reveal if your AI has been corrupted.

If you’re worried about your business being victim of a cyber attack, contact local cyber security services. They will be able to help you protect your business against the new emerging threats in 2023.