7 Tips for Safe and Comfortable Traveling by Bus during New Year’s Holiday

New Year’s holiday is drawing near. A few more days you can enjoy extra vacation plus time off. If you have plans to travel out of town, the bus could be one of the transportation options for you.

Long journeys by bus can be exhausting for the body. There are also those who experience landsickness because of taking the bus. So, what should be done to make traveling by bus always comfortable?

Here are some tips for safe and comfortable traveling by bus. You can apply it during the New Year holidays later.

Collect Complete Information About the Bus Travel Bureau

In order not to lose your way when traveling, before departure you must first find information about the bus, starting from the departure to the location of the last bus stop. It is also important to find out whether the bus has frequent accidents or not. It at least gives an idea of ​​the guarantee of security during the trip.

Information about the travel agent that is passed is also important for you to know Travel semarang jakarta, you can check it and ask about it. For a traveler like you, this can be an opportunity to step down for a bit and take some pictures. However, you must first ask permission from the driver and conductor.

Buy Tickets at the Official Bureau

When choosing to drive by bus, pay attention to the type of payment that is usually made. There are some buses that provide tickets when they are on the bus, some require passengers to buy them before the day of departure.

If you buy tickets before departure, it would be better to come directly to the official bureau. This is to avoid unwanted things, such as fraud.

Choose a Comfortable Seat

You certainly do not want the time during the trip to be disturbed by things that are less pleasant. For this reason, the selection of seats also needs to be considered. Therefore, you need to check further for the seat selection that is comfortable for you. Sewa mobil semarang can help you to choose and provide the right car rental for you to rent

If there is still an empty place, choose a seat near the window and away from the toilet and door so as not to be disturbed by people passing by. Seats that are above bus tires are often considered to make comfort disturbed and cause nausea for people who like to get drunk.

Wear comfortable clothes

Because the duration of the trip is longer than taking a plane, when traveling by bus, you should wear clothes that are as comfortable as possible. When choosing to use an air-conditioned bus, don’t forget to bring warm clothes so you don’t get cold at night.

Bring a Neck Pillow

Because sleeping in a sitting condition, a neck pillow can help you to minimize soreness. Dr. Michael Breus, a doctor from the United States who is referred to as a ‘sleep specialist’ says the correct use of a U-shaped neck pillow is that the empty position is behind, not the other way around.

Keep Luggage in the Luggage

Apart from the essentials and the clothes you are wearing, the rest is better left in the trunk of the bus. It can save space and you will feel comfortable because you have a little more space to stretch your legs.

Prepare the necessary medicines

Some people get landsick easily when traveling by vehicles such as buses. To avoid this, you should prepare the drugs that you usually need. For example, wind oil and anti-drunk drugs.

These are tips for safe and comfortable traveling by bus. Happy Holidays!